Where is the best holiday in February

Seemed like, the Christmas holidays, when usually offered a lot of great holiday tours, behind, but here’s the thing – you’ll have a vacation in February. Do not despair – today we try to figure out where to rest in February, and believe me, this holiday is sure to be rich in a lot of bright impressions!

Actually, February is a great month for the rest. It is especially suitable for those who are curious and likes to be surrounded by holiday and beauty. And all Affairs that February is the last month of winter, which symbolizes the imminent arrival of warm spring days. That is why in many countries, a lot of amazing festivals and carnivals.

Carnival in Rio – it is famous for the riot of bright colors. In February in Brazil just a peak summer day – warm, energetic Samba and many beautiful girls in stunning carnival costumes! What could be better))) This carnival is considered one of the most famous carnivals in the world. Mass, it also takes first place, because it contains not only many carnival participants, but also a lot of curious tourists.

This country is famous for several colorful carnivals in February. So:

In the beginning of February in Santa Cruz Tenerife is a wonderful carnival, which is considered the second after the famous Brazilian carnival in Rio. Many amazing costumes, lively dances and mesmerizing theatrical performances, as well as the carnival parade “Gran Cabalgata” – that is what will give you Spain at this carnival.

Also in the beginning of this month, you can go to Barcelona or Cadiz on no less interesting carnivals.

Music lovers also have something to offer: it is a festival of folk songs Tradicionàrius and the festival flamenco De Cajón.

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This country will also please many in February. In particular, the famous, a little mysterious, but such colorful Venetian carnival. It will last the entire month of February.

In addition, in mid-February is to go to Verona for the costume show, or to nice, where you will see amazing floral battle – a truly bright, gentle and beautiful sight with lots of flowers and, of course, dances and songs.

Noisy, bright, fun Mardi Gras celebration will delight in February, those who are going on holiday to America. Lots of fancy dress, noisy feast and a huge number of participants attracts many tourists.

Two very beautiful carnival held at this time of year and in Germany:

One of them is incendiary carnival Samba “Bremer Karneval” in Bremen.

And the film festival in Berlin “star wars” will delight all lovers of cinema. He, incidentally, is the second largest after the famous Cannes film festival.

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There are no less interesting carnivals:

Lucerne is very massive and colorful carnival with festivities, often called the “Swiss carnival”.

Masquerade parade in Zurich.

Another fancy idea is waiting for you in Berne.

Geneva – a solemn seeing-off of winter.

The Basel carnival with lots of beautiful lanterns and musicians.

But lovers of the exotic, China can offer a beautiful celebration of the New year on the Eastern calendar. Many carnivals, festivals, songs, dances and fireworks, of course, Chinese New year!

The Orchid festival is a beautiful event in Tokyo, which gathers a lot of tourists. Believe me, this is a must see!

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