What to cook on holiday

What to cook on holiday? This question we regularly ask themselves and their loved ones. Birthdays of all family members, new year, the eighth of March – this is the minimum, which is usually celebrated in almost every home. And want that every time on the table were new, delicious and beautiful dishes that will amaze your guests.

Looking for new, not even tried recipes, exotic products, the purchase of which requires sometimes not small money, but in the end, the result may not be as impressive as we would like. So, how to prepare the table for the upcoming celebration, that would not sit on a diet the rest of the month until the next paycheck, and everything was just as you want?

The meals that you are going to cook on holiday, must not prepare you for the first time. No, no one’s doubting your cooking skills, and food, most likely, you will turn out great, but if you liked it the taste? After all, the composition typically includes a variety of spices. seasonings that can give a new, unusual flavour to the dish, and a new combination of familiar foods can have the same effect. Therefore, try you liked the recipe in advance, make sure that it is well suited for the festive table, and put it in his piggy Bank holiday dishes.

Considerable importance is given to setting the table for the feast. Beautiful dishes, matching style, color and pattern with a tablecloth and napkins, from the beginning sets up for a pleasant chat and promotes good appetite.

Not be amiss to put on the table a bouquet of flowers that will accentuate the festive atmosphere in the house. For a table setting and decorating the holiday table, there are many other interesting ideas.

The first table serves cold snacks and salads. They can be quite traditional, as our favorite herring under a fur coat or Olivier. Most importantly, do not forget about the decoration. Original decorated salad. even the most common, will immediately attract the attention of guests.

Prepare, for example, the meadow mushroom. Put it on a wide dish, whatever it was large in size, and I believe it will be one of the first, though, the products used in it, the most traditional. Cook one fish. beef and vegetable salad and snack. what would each of the guests could choose something suitable.

If you are going to cook hot dishes more than one, do the same. Suppose on the table and fish. and meat. Several options for holiday meals I described in the article recipes for the new year .

Beautiful fruit. meat and vegetable slicing is that you can prepare for any occasion and in any season. By the way, about the time of year. It is also necessary to bear in mind. Cold soup or gazpacho soup hardly served to the guests who came in from the cold in the January cold. Then, in summer they will be at the time. In the warm time of the year you should make a bias towards vegetables, fruits and berries.

If the table will have children, think about what to cook for them for the holiday. Heavy greasy, spicy, fried food does not suit them. In addition, children are very often badly eaten. Not worth it to offer to the young guests, for example, grilled pork neck. Prepare snacks for them on skewers. colorful rainbow salad or profiteroles. and turn on the game element. Let the children impose their own different color of the rainbow and guess what is inside of a little ball.

Traditionally, at our feasts adopted enough there. If you plan to cook a feast of many dishes, think about any dessert. better cold, which can be submitted between meals. This dessert will facilitate a feeling of satiety and prepare consumers to further meal. This can be a sorbet or homemade ice cream .

Whatever you have prepared, whatever surprised their guests, as always, the main thing is the atmosphere, which you will be able to surround them. The warmth and comfort of your home, which you will share with them. And, if you have in abundance, even ordinary dumplings with mushrooms will be a masterpiece of culinary art on your holiday table.

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