Unusual summer festivals

The festival ’s mountain oysters”

Olean, Missouri. June 7

The inhabitants of a tiny town Olean was quite brave, resourceful and adventurous in his food preferences, to conduct the annual festival eaters “mountain oysters” – as the locals call the sexual glands of turkeys.

Aleanca not alone in his love for the aforementioned delicacy: they say in Montana, a similar event has been held for over 25 years.

Watermelon festival Luling

The State Of Texas. From 26 to 29 June

During the four-day festival, you can try your hand at speed eating watermelon, spitting seeds on the range, and more. It also established a special prize for the largest watermelon grown by local farmers.

Marine carnival, or the mermaid Parade

Brooklyn, New York. June 21

Parade participants, among whom there are many celebrities parade on Coney island in bright costumes, inspired by the romance of the sea, accompanied by the platforms with musicians and antique cars. Art carnival, whose history goes back 26 years, is managed by Neptune and Queen mermaid. Detailed information

International championship spitting cherry pits

Eau Claire, Michigan. July 5

The League was founded in 1974 by company Tree-Mendus Fruit, specializing in the cultivation of cherries. Participants will have the “beat” incredible record in 93 and one-half feet (280 meters!), established by Brian ’s Young Gun” Krause in 2003. Admission is free.

National games rednecks

East Dublin, Georgia. July 5

The first game southerners rednecks were conceived and carried out in 1996 on the eve of the Olympic games in Atlanta specifically for “ordinary hard workers” who “wanted to revel in full after a hard day’.

This year more than 15 000 followers good old South will gather under the banner of the Confederation to posbirat «South horseshoe” (toilets) and wheel caps, to fight for pork legs and jump on his stomach in huge mud puddles. Ticket price $ 5.

Garlic festival

Gilroy, California. From 25 to 27 July

This is not a feast of popcorn or cotton candy for sissies! Potential vampire hunters can enjoy hundreds of dishes to cook which left more than two tons of garlic (and no mint candies!). Miss Gilroy Garlic ignites three days in a row! Entrance fee is $ 12.

Best lumberjack in the world

Hayward, Wisconsin. From 25 to 27 July

More than a hundred loggers and “lesorubob” will compete in many competitions related to cutting, sawing and dragging logs. Since 1960, the championship is held in the former driftwood drive Weyerhaeusers logging company in Northern Wisconsin. Tickets for three days from 14 to 40 dollars.

The national Convention of the homeless

Britt, Iowa. From 7 to 10 August

A tireless traveller, the real “Dharma bums”, sung romantically-minded poets, will be held a solemn March, reading poems and remembering departed to the other world. During the event works “flea market”. As befits the status, most participants will be accommodated in a shelter for the railroad tracks on the North-Eastern edge Britta. Admission is free.

Tug of war

LeClair, Iowa. From 7 to 9 August

In events lasting three minutes each, oppose women’s and men’s teams from Iowa and Illinois. Music provide local orchestras. In addition, viewers will see a parade of prominent personalities of film and fireworks from the boat, standing on the anchor exactly in the middle of the Mississippi river, on the border between the two States. A ticket for three days from 3 to 5 dollars.

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