Unusual offices world

Employee satisfaction workplace is one of the necessary conditions for success. Some companies understand this very well, so pay special attention to reigning in the office atmosphere. Agree, quite unusual to think about new ideas, sitting in the bathroom, a hammock or transparent rubber chairs. However, these offices also occur.

Office Syzygy agency, Hamburg, Germany

Excellent working space for creative people. Especially the smooth white tables, joined together and constituting one large workspace. Tables can take an infinite number of forms. Such discretion creates an atmosphere of creativity and makes the work of designers more productive. However, the unusual interior is not all that lucky employees of the Hamburg office agency Syzygy. Beautiful view from the window also serves as a source of inspiration. In addition, the office is located in the heart of the city, so if the job is not glued and need to rest, then you can either walk along the lake, which is located next to the office, or visit one of the numerous cozy cafes and enjoy a Cup of coffee.

The Office Of Escada, Munich, Germany

One of the most luxurious offices in the world. This is a working place for those who are in any way associated with fashion. Each new season of the eminent house of Escada holds here shows his new collection. Therefore, the atmosphere of the office must match the scale of the event. The room separated by a transparent facades of three main parts: reception, foyer and patio. The length of the entire office is 75 meters. Employees of the fashion house can only envy. Finding himself at their workplace, you might get the impression that you were not to work, and into the airport, the luxurious and expensively furnished.

Office Of Ogilvy & Mather, Guangzhou, China

Thanks to the extraordinary interior office employees of Ogilvy & Mather go to work with pleasure. Each floor has its own unique appearance. For example, a feature of one of the rooms is a carousel that conveys the romantic atmosphere of Paris. And if you climb to the floor above, then your eyes will be opened room, urban style. The link between the floors is a wide staircase, in spans where you can relax on colorful cushions. According to the Director of the company, non-standard approach to the organization of the working space needs to increase productivity and encourage employees to bright solutions.

Office Exquise Design, Paris, France

It is not only the office, but a showroom, design Studio, kitchen and apartment at the same time. It is a place where creative people can not only work, but spend all their free time. It is designed office interior. The walls, floor, ceiling are all painted white, against which stand out spectacularly bright spots of pink, green, yellow and purple. Constantly the atmosphere of joy and fun is a great source of inspiration for creative people.

The Google Office, Zurich, Switzerland

“Work for me is always a holiday” — so most likely I can say about their workplace Google employees in Zurich. It simultaneously looks like an entertainment center, a child’s room and at the science Museum, but not on the office. Upon entering you are immediately greeted with a riot of colors and shapes here: bright colored furniture coexists with things in tech. The stairs and elevators employees do not use, instead, to the diner they go down a slide or on a fire pole. And fast and fun. If you don’t want to sit at the table, we can work in ski cabins in the boat, or even in a hammock. Unbelievable but true. Especially surprise you can meeting rooms, which are made in the form of colored plastic needle. Google are confident that in this environment, brilliant ideas will come to mind much faster, and the ability to work will only increase — hurry home from such office nobody wants.

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