Unusual festivals this summer

Offer an easy excursion into the world of unusual and interesting festivals that take place in the most different corners of our planet. One of the most popular months — it’s August, when the warm weather are the most popular and largest of the festivals.

Let’s start with the festival of Wasserstadt . which is held in Berlin. Translated from German it means ” water fight “. It is far from harmless wetting with water, and a serious battle, with not only water. Participants pelted each other like balls with water and rotten eggs, flour, fruit, and even dirty diapers. Usually take part in the battle up to 1,000 people, but in 2011, the bridge gathered about 5,000 people, which caused considerable concern among the organizers. In any case, this festival is just beginning to grow and gain popularity

Go to the next festival — it Mwaka Kogwa . the four-day celebration that is carried out in Makunduchi, a village in the southern part of Zanzibar. Men armed with banana stems, take part in amusing fights for the celebration of the New Year. The idea is to get rid of disagreements and misunderstandings of the past year and to start the new year with a clean slate

Next festival is the Aomori Nebuta — Japanese summer festival held in Aomori, Japan. Colourful lanterns called Nebuta overt on city streets, they are incredibly colorful, and some are real masterpieces of art. Each year the festival attracts huge number of tourists not only from Japan but also from other parts of the world

The battle of flowers in Jersey.

Flower battle in Jersey — an annual festival held in Jersey on the second Thursday of August. The battle of flowers is famous for its positive attitude and mass celebrations, music, fairs and of course, flowers

The biggest tomato battle, hosted annually in the town of buñol in Valencia. Tens of tons of over-ripe tomatoes are used for bombing and ends with a festival of fun, music, dancing and fireworks. At the conclusion of the struggle of the street painted in red, and on the pavement tomato river flow. Also interesting is the history of the tomato fight, which began as a simple street brawl in 1944

The festival “Burning man” .

Burning man — a celebration of art held in the desert of black Rock in Northern Nevada. He is known for his giant art installations, night dance, the launch of kites and many other interesting amusements

Festival “the Way to yourself” this new musical space created for the quality and fun of family camping. 2-4 August in the Park “ethnomir” (60 km from MKAD on the Kaluga highway) You will be able to recharge musical groups from around the world to participate in informative workshops and a tasty snack. You will be working with free Parking, children’s and sports playgrounds, campground, and much more.

The festival site will be unique musical groups, revealing and complementing their art traditions of various ethnic cultures – from the vast steppes of Tuva to the green hills of Ireland, from the mystical cities of ancient India to the enchanting forests of the Russian North.

The organizer of the festival became legendary and oldest Russian ethno-store and cultural center “Way to yourself”, which has over 20 years of helping people find their Way.

A special emphasis of the festival has made to the music program because music man finds the inspiration that helps its further implementation and finding harmony with yourself and with the world.

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Unusual festivals this summer
Offer an easy excursion into the world of unusual and interesting festivals that take place in the most different corners of our planet. One of the most popular months —…

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