Things to see in this beautiful country?

Bhutan may not be big, but beautiful country. Which has its own attractions. That’s about them and will talk. One of the main is paro taktsang Dzong (Tiger’s Lair). This is one of the main Buddhist monasteries in the country. Was built in 1692. The structure is very unusual and is really in a monastic-Spartan conditions. Looking at where he’s standing, come to believe that it is possible to live without food and without water.



Interesting country, until recently closed in the Himalayas for the ubiquitous tourists.

You can get here only by plane or by car – the railroad was built.

The national standard of living is measured in units of “gross happiness” is a unique policy designed and implement in the framework of the whole state who is recognized by the world community in 2011.

The interference of the state in the development and prosperity of the surrounding nature conforms to this principle – butane so carefully retains its timber, which is in the top ten countries that protect the environment.

The most active tourists in 2011 in the country were Americans. In 2012 it was already the Japanese, then tightened the Germans and the British. The Russians are just beginning to explore the most attractive tourist sites.

What can please your guests this beautiful place? Choose between active (and, in my opinion – extreme) the rest of the “Trail of Bigfoot”.

The campaign, lasting 27 days, pack trail in remote places mountain passes of the Himalayan mountain range.

At a height of about five kilometers above sea level there will be no hotels, only your tents and blankets.

The Luggage will be carried by employees of the tour operator in those places, where do not pass the horse.

Oh! Now that’s service! And all this after the daily transitions for 7-8 hours.

“Path” in 2011, overcame 110 tourists – honor and praise.

Everything is relative – after this campaign, the daily work of herder will be a joy.

Moreover, you as a conscious tourist, did not spoil more than the local flora and fauna, the local government reasonably requires its guests to spend 250 dollars for accommodation in the country (in hotels above 3-star) and not allowed to travel without official guide from the local company.

The sum consists of the costs of the hotel (in hotels above 3-star), meals, guide services, transportation, and $ 65 as “Royal tax.”

After 9 days of “visiting” in the country you will be offered some discounts.

Guides speaking Russian here, direct flights from Russia either.

But the company of 3 Russian citizens are permitted to bring a knowledgeable Bhutan guide who will travel for free, unlike you.

All procedures should occur only through the official representatives.

I wonder, for what can be achieved trip here?

There’s a unique Himalayan nature, the famous “Trail”, and as much as 2 (two) seasonal festival amid a calm, measured life with his special religion, relaxation, meditative way of life, isolated from the world.

They say that the Russians have a genuine interest in this country all of their great potential (in terms of tourism). Would you go?

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