The Most striking events of domestic show business

One of the most memorable events in 2013 was the concert Kairat Nurtas in the square shopping centre ’s Prime Plaza”, which resulted in riots and clashes of citizens with the police. As explained by the singer at a press conference (by the way, the hall was not crowded), he was cruelly deceived. The organizers invited the singer to perform one song, but the bill said about the full concert. Kairat and was glad to sing more, but the raging fans scared him. As a result – broken Windows of shopping Mall, youth detention, courts, and the cancellation of several performances of the stars in the southern capital.

Film of the year is clearly becoming the main trend of kinonovosti in 2013 – “harmony Lessons” the young filmmaker Emir of Bagasina. It took less than a week so that the picture, taken on the money “buttero”, was not mentioned in the news. The fact is that the “Lessons of harmony” throughout the years rolled on international film festivals. The number of received awards and recognition from critics was a record for Patriotic ribbon. The most significant of them – the “Silver bear” received at the film festival in Berlin. In wide release, however, the picture came only in early December.

Concert of the year

The most striking this year was a traditional retroactively «Alma-ATA-my first love”, which again supported Dariga Nazarbayeva. This time in the city of apples profit groups, making crazy generation at the beginning of the 90s: E-type, Sandra, Army of Lovers, Turetsky Choir. One of the biggest hits of the year “Oh man” at the same festival he sang Russian singer Natalie. The preparation of the festival was doing 1800 singers, dancers, extras and 1,500 for Directors, editors, and working scenes.

Daughter Dariga Nazarbayeva sang Britney Spears, and Akhmetzhan Yessimov has played on a synthesizer song called “Time away”.

The most popular clip of 2013 can be considered the result of joint creativity of Berkut and Aisha: the video has gained more than 160 million views on Youtube. By the way, couple this year rejoices replenishment – their first child was born.

Doubt should not be – this place took the song Kairat Nurtas “Aurality Zurek”. Not to hear it at least once a year was impossible. Unless you live in another country.

The wedding of the year

A storm of emotions among the fans caused a wedding boom that erupted this fall among the stars of Russian show business. Actress Bibigul Counselin and Aruzhan Guilbeau the lead singer of Do-Mi-No Derek Bainazarov and two soloist group Rin’GO tied the knot. But all is trifles in comparison with the wedding of the grandson of Kazakhstan President Nursultan of Alsultan Nazarbayev, held on 31 August at the hotel Royal Tulip.

Radik Temirgaliev this year released the book “AK Orda. The history of the Kazakh khanate” dedicated to Desht-I-Kipchak in the period from the XIV to the XVIII century. The book presents a modern view on the history of the Kazakh khanate. It was she, according to the trade network “lover”, became the best-selling book by Russian author in 2013.

The fees for the year

Last year in the first place was the protagonist of the film ’s cocktail for a star” – the soloist of group «Muzart” Meirambek Basaev receiving $7000 in one day.

This year Kanye West, who sang at the wedding of the grandson Nazarbayev received, according to various estimates, from 3 to 6 million dollars. But as to domestic stars will not consider, look at the income of Kazakh singers. For 2013 Kairat Nurtas, publisher of the magazine ’s Kairat Nurtas”, the star of the movie “Regrettable”, the owner of the store ’s Kairat Nurtas”, has received over 2 million dollars.

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