The most famous carnivals

In many countries of the world in the beginning of the year you can witness and even party to the amazingly large and bright celebrationscarnivals. Something many of them are similar, and in some ways Vice versa are very different. We will try to understand how are the most famous and grandiose carnivals in different countries.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 912 February,  The carnival in Rio De Janeiro is arranged every year, lasts three to five days but usually goes on longer than the prescribed period. Opens the carnival by handing Momo the fat man the keys to the city. This character is elected annually among the largest inhabitants of Rio. At the carnival, all car traffic in the main streets of the city stops now instead of cars here reigns unrivalled in their brightness and beauty show: performances of Samba schools, a huge moving platform to the dancers and dancers, beautiful girls in massive bright costumes, decorated with feathers, fireworks-filled night skies, and live music with dancing till you drop. In the life of local people the carnival takes a very important place, many of them from childhood every year prepare for it and participate. By the way, in the shops of Rio, you can find costumes for even two-year-olds that already says something. Preparations for the next carnival begins immediately after the previous one. Moreover, each event brings the city Treasury a large revenue. I must say that this carnival takes place in many Brazilian cities, but few of them can outdo the luxury and scale of the one that happen in Rio.

Venice, Italy January 26 – February 12,  Venice carnival is one of the largest and most colorful sights in all of Italy. He arranged, as well as the carnival in Rio every year, but lasts longer. The world-famous Venetian masks – white, decorated with gold leaf and hand-painted, orred“. The tradition of wearing masks at carnival was born back in 1094. At the time this annual festival was dedicated to the God Saturn. During carnival, all social classesas the owners and their servants, was supposed to have fun together and even sit at the same tables. Therefore, the holiday is not spoiled social inequalities have been introduced mask. Costumes at the Venice carnival were initially quite modest – it was enough to, say, mask and black cloak. Fashion bright luxury clothing introduced in the XVIII century Giacomo Casanova. By that time less popular carnivals in Venice again gained its former strength and becoming more extensive and visited every year until now. Every year at the Venice carnival from around the world gather more than half a million tourists. Given that this is twice the official population of Venice, it is easy to imagine the extent of the action.

New Orleans, USA January 19 – February 12,  Mardi Gras (Mardi Gras) is arranged in many European and American cities, but it is the biggest celebration occurs in New Orleans. The event name translates literally as “fat Tuesday– in essence it is the Western analogue of the carnival: here is burned doll, symbolizing the leaving winter, and all sorts of baked flour products. Each of the moving platforms traditionally symbolizes any defect is shown on one drinking, the other represented by gambling, the third is saturated with the spirit of gluttony and so on. Every year at the carnival in New Orleans elected its king and Queen. They say that this tradition began here in 1972, when Mardi Gras visited the Russian Prince Alexei Alexandrovich. He came to the carnival in search of his lover, the American actress, was recognized by the city administration and declared to be king of Mardi Gras.

Munich and Cologne, Germany 1821 February, While in New Orleans elected monarchs, in Germany, in Munich and Cologne, is in full swing carnival Fastnacht or Fasching. Preparation for it begins with the unshakable German precision at exactly 11 hours 11 minutes 11 November. Carnival here is almost officially considered the fifth season. It is noteworthy that the beginning of carnival celebrated exclusively by women. They dress up in witches, besovic and other vermin, and when their party reaches the desired temperature of the filament, and connect men. The name of the main events at the festival, Rosenmontag, can be translated as “furious miracle Monday“. Vehicular traffic in such a wonderful Monday closes, and declares the beginning of carnival procession with loud orchestral music. Poorly controlled women, as you remember, started the holiday earlier, by this time, despite the weather, dancing in their short dresses, together with clowns, princesses and kings. In addition to the parades, fireworks, confetti, distribution of beer, wine and sweets, there is a tradition to sell Berlinerdoughnuts. If in one of them you got mustard, or garlic, do not worry – just the happy Berliner. Begins and ends with the celebration of the Church service: that the carnival did not make a mistake, but trust in God.

Goa, India 912 February, Three days and three nights lasts enchanting carnival at Goa in February of each year. This action begins, as well as in Brazil, with the election of the people Jolly king Momo. There is nothing surprisingthis character actually appeared in ancient Rome, his name was then Momos, he was the patron of fun and tomfoolery. In the morning on the first day of carnival all the residents awake with loud performance of ancient melodies of the Portuguesethe Portuguese, who arrived here from the sea, brought her here with Momo more than four centuries ago. Therefore points of contact for Brazilian and Indian carnivals is actually a lot. The key motto of the carnival in Goa – “Eat, drink and be merry.” In fact, here the Indians America is not openedand so do all the other carnivals. However, there is the carnival in Goa is a distinctive featurethe festival of colors. This action is a huge number of people who at a signal begin to shower each other with colorful powders all colors of the rainbow and pour coloured water from water pistols. Tourists, this festival catches you off guard, at first you feel a little out of place, but after willingly connect to localfrom all this merriment is not going anywhere. So, going on Indian carnival, bring a t-shirt, which is not a pity to paint in new and unexpected colors.

Spain 7 – 13 February,  The Spanish carnival is one of the most joyful events of the year for local residents. It is a vivid awakening after a cold winter, it will open many closed for the winter the restaurants and hotels, all assembled, decorated and cleaned to a Shine, and then begins a comprehensive holiday full of dancing and bright colors. Many dance groups from around the world are eager to show their skills herethe more so for the winners was established very handsome cash prizes.Before the Spanish carnival was a symbola man whose name was don a Carnival a big fan of delicious food, wine and women, an enormous doll which was erected in the beginning of the festivities, and after solemnly burned. Eventually it was abrogatedwhy burn the poor guy if he just likes to have fun, like all of us? Instead, it now burn it and bury the sardine…. The burial of the sardine is an ancient tradition, a theatrical action with a variety of characters: witches, angels, monks, kings, jesters, ghosts. The most spectacular burial of the sardine takes place on the island of Tenerifethere it is, everything else, and is erotic in nature. Carnival for the Spaniards – a celebration of defiance. It is believed that in his time here you can say whatever you want, not showing respect to elders, to let go of shameful jokes and even steal something from the neighbors. So be vigilantif something, the police chief in the mask of harlequin will only shrug: carnival!

Nice, France February 15 – March 5,  Nice carnival has its roots in XIII century. The Church was strongly opposed to the holding of such holidays. And because forbidden fruit is always sweet, the French carnivals became increasingly popular and eventually ingrained in state culture. Until the XIX century these festivals were held by residents and was carried out rather spontaneously, and then created a special carnival Committee seriously took on the organization. His Majesty Carnival, like the Spanish counterpart, don Carnival, sits throughout the festival on the square Massena. He watches the city move huge platforms are hoisted eight dolls with big heads made of papier-mache, and the audience dancing, drinking, having fun, and throw the parade confetti, which now, fortunately, made of paper and not of plaster, as before. Annual Battle of Flowersthe most beautiful carnival floats, decorated with all sorts of flowers – from 4000 to 5000 pieces each. After the parade everywhere, there are street theatre performances, various concerts and other activities for every taste, and also arranged a Grand fireworks display.

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