The best carnival Scandinavia

When we hear the word “carnival”, then immediately present a bright picture of beautiful Latino girls dancing. We’ve learned that the best carnivals are usually held in Brazil and other tropical countries.

But did you know that in Scandinavia is held every year a large carnival, that fun is not inferior to Latin America? Know you that in Denmark, the annual carnival, which is always involved at least 30 thousand people, and spectators on the streets there are always at least a hundred thousand?

The annual carnival in Aalborg, which is the largest in Scandinavia. In it will be held from may 22 to may 28. The festival starts with a Grand costume parade, which involved tens of thousands of people.

AAB, or, as it is called, Aalborg, is a small town located in the North of Denmark. Aalborg is an industrial and University center of the country, and in terms of population it is the fourth largest in Denmark. By itself, the Aalborg is a small Northern town, full of warmth and tranquility, a kind of cheerful phlegmatism.

Once a year, during the traditional carnival, Aalborg completely transformed. The entire small town is filled with lush bright colors and sincere joy, fun many people. AAB as if by magic turns into a huge theatre, where the actors literally become all residents and guests of the city. The holiday is so inviting and enchanting that there are a huge number of tourists who regularly flock here every year to participate in the largest carnival in Scandinavia.

As a rule, the Aalborg carnival act Dunkelfolket – musicians and dancers-professionals. Dunkelfolket dancing in the total mass of people with bright and expressive masks that depict a variety of character traits. But this does not mean that the audience must not join the carnival procession.

This is a feature of the carnival in Aalborg, which distinguishes the festival from all similar carnivals in the world. If in the famous Brazilian carnivals are participating professional group of dancers who’ve been cooking all day insanely bright costumes and lively dances, in Aalborg is not necessary to be a professional. Here if you wish, you can easily join the ranks of members of the carnival procession and together with them to join in the rhythms of laughter and joy.

Another interesting detail – along with costume parades at the same time there is a procession of beautiful and very elegant sailing boats that float along the city canal, passing through the AAB. Two bright processions converge in the harbour area, where then is one of the main events of the carnival. Here at noisy audience participation the election of the king who will reign over the carnival. Usually, according to an already established tradition, the king of carnival choose someone from respected and well-known figures of the Danish culture. After the election of a new king of the carnival heads the procession and leads him back from the harbour to the city centre, in the district Kildeparken.

On the carnival rhythms and General fun parties are on the rise. In Kildeparken are costumed performances and representations of groups who were preparing for the holiday a few months. Here you can see a very bright and impressive performances, which are not inferior to the famous Brazilian. And once completed, all prepared by the participants of the carnival, the evening begins at Grand megamachine that its fun and crazy love of life captures the entire city.

The first carnival in Aalborg was held in 1983. then the main idea that inspired the organizers, was the desire to organize a Grand feast of spring, which could be attended by all the townspeople. Now the theme of the carnival changes every year, and the celebration has become so popular, that now is considered the most famous in Northern Europe.

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