The Best beer festivals

Until then they hadn’t invented beer, it is unknown where people communicate and spend their leisure time. Today for this purpose there are not only pubs, restaurants and bars, and beer festivals. Below we present the ranking of the most popular beer festivals in the world.

Oktoberfest (Oktoberfest)

The Germans – the best beer nation in the world. According to statistics drinking beer in Germany, 68% of women and 93% of men. It is therefore not surprising that one of the largest beer festivals Oktoberfest takes place in Germany.

It was first held in October of 1810, during the celebration of the marriage of king Ludwig the First and Therese of Saxony. At the time, were arranged in a mass parade of horse races and beer. The event was so pleased the monarch that he ordered to conduct annual beer festival. Since then, every 3rd Saturday of September, millions of tourists and residents come to Oktoberfest, which is held on the Theresienwiese. Here are erected huge tents, designed for several thousand people. Each tent is a branch of the famous Munich beer.

During the celebration beer festival every year 11 million visitors drink pints of beer, eat more than 800 thousand sausages and about 750 thousand chickens.

Beer mile

Another famous German festival – the Beer mile . which is held in Berlin since 1996 in the first weekend of August. This holiday is for beer lovers happy “the Union of private Breweries in Germany” company “Gift”.

The entire territory of the Beer mile is divided into 21 regions, which sets the pavilions and tents. In them, each guest will be able to try a variety of Beers and Ales, and also try nuts, German sausages, brochettes and other national German dishes.

Beer festival in Pilsen

One of the oldest Czech beer festivals, Pilsner fest held in Pilsen for the last 165 years. The festival is held in late October and is a kind of finale of all beer events organized in Czech Republic during the summer.

The official drink of the beer festival in Pilsen – Pilsner Urquell, and the event takes place on the territory Plzensky brewery, where a festival takes place. Typically, it lasts 3 days.

Slunce ve skle (Sun in the glass)

Slunce ve skle – Czech beer festival . held in Pilsen on September 18. Usually, at this time, it attracts the most renowned Breweries in the Czech Republic, Germany and Scotland. Just as a rule, at the festival you can try nearly 100 kinds of beer.

Great British beer festival

It is an important European festival which is held in the first week of August – from Tuesday to Saturday. Every year the event is visited by approximately 70 thousand visitors and drink up to 300 thousand pints of ale, beer, cider and Perry. And guests great British beer festival not only men but also women and youth who are attracted by the festive atmosphere.

Beer festival in Peterborough

This beer festival will be held in the English town of Peterborough in the last week of August. Each year the event brings together up to 400 thousand visitors. But unfortunately the public holiday lasts for only 5 days.

Moscow international festival of beer

In Russia also arrange beer festival, which is celebrated in early June. The event was organised in Moscow since 1999 and takes place on the territory of the Olympic complex Luzhniki. At this time in the Russian capital come more well-known domestic and foreign brewers.

Moscow international festival of beer is 40 hectares and is celebrated on a large scale. Guests can sample more than 150 Beers from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic and other countries.

The national Czech cuisine festival and beer

Another event held in Moscow in Sokolniki Park. Whole 11 days one of the pavilions in the Park turns into a Czech restaurant where visitors can taste the famous Czech beer brands, as well as to assess national dishes prepared by chefs from the Czech Republic.

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