Summer activities for children

Help your child wandered in summer in the streets, doing nothing, find out what summer activities for children are held in your city.

Summer activities for children were confined to camp for rest during the holidays. The camp is now, that’s just to be sure of their integrity should not be. The problem is that the current generation of so-called “leaders” are absolutely not interested in having to provide the child with maximum comfort and healthy leisure. But this does not mean that all the bad camp. In this case, you must save external advertising. Ask your neighbors, friends, people who can vouch for the integrity of the camp to which you want to take your baby.

There are camp sites with dubious leisure programme. Children are taken out to the street only for Breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening on the report. To report, as a rule, nothing, because children and tell them there is nothing. They spend all day indoors to avoid any dangerous accidents. This happens due to the fact that the counselors are doing their own thing and the kids they exist only for reporting. If this situation arises and the child complains that camp was nothing interesting happens, it is better to pick up the child from camp. Believe me, nothing will change, even if the boss will give counselors the educational work.

We have considered a worst type of summer camp, but there are wonderful camps. In some camps the children will learn more information than at school. This, again, depends on the counselor. There are counselors who can reasonably build a leisure that children, without noticing it, continue to learn on vacation, but do it with joy and enthusiasm, because, besides, ratings, nobody checks, diaries nobody asks.

If you are afraid to send their child to camp, try to find out what summer activities for children are held in your town or in the village. If any, which is unlikely, engage the child so that he himself created some concerts, quizzes to attract other children and spend time with benefits. You can help the child, for example, to write the script together, to come up with some colorful costumes, to make cutting of songs, pre-writing a funny script, which would be tailored to the audio mix, and after to do all of that. Actually, the mass of options. Creativity in this case you need to use to the maximum.

If your child loves sports, do not swear, if he wants to spend summer on the jobsite or the stadium with the ball. Believe me, it’s better than Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages from doing nothing. And the children, if they get bored, start looking for it is the “forbidden fruit.”

Summer activities for kids should not be an extension of the school. If you can beat studying something colorful, then this is not a problem, but if you force your child to read books and solve math problems — consider that summer you spoiled child. Of course, sometimes you have to pay attention to your studies, but don’t do it aggressively. Summer activities for kids should not focus exclusively on any adventure. If you have a quiet child, he is unlikely to want to run catch-up or to go to the tedious trips. Let does what he likes. Or maybe he was just waiting for summer to draw, showing the origins of their talent. Be gentle with the child, because he has a holiday vacation! Let gaining strength over the summer and tries to spend his summer holiday with the mind.

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