Rest in Croatia in autumn

In the fall of Croatian climate adjusts to the relaxation. Resorts of the country still live “summer time” — the weather permits, but the tourist crowds recede, opening the way fans of quiet rest. Things to do in Croatia in autumn and why you should come here at this time?

Relax on the beach

Despite the lack of heat, the water in September in Croatia remains at 25 degrees. This month at local resorts come those who are afraid of “threat” of the sun and does not tolerate heat. Plus, on the beaches of Croatia are not so vain, and prices for tours are reduced. For an autumn holiday on the coast it is better to choose the surroundings of Dubrovnik and Split, where the water is guaranteed to remain warm. And if you want to visit neighbouring Montenegro need to go to Dalmatia, where arrange cruises to the Bay of Kotor.

Delicious chestnuts in the world

Autumn in Croatia almost every corner roasted chestnuts and sell them in paper bags. This tradition unchanged for centuries: the taste of chestnuts — that’s what this country in the autumn associated with travelers. Especially appreciated the fruits of Lovran, which is considered the most delicious in the world. A unique grade received due to cross overseas with local chestnuts. In October there are even satisfied with the festivals which are celebrated main gastronomic pride of Istria. Guests can enjoy not only roasted chestnuts, but also pies, which are composed of these fruits. And the dishes washed down with the young Croatian wine.

To attend the festival of olives

In early October, the town of Punat captures vanity: here begins the festival of olives. For residents of the Adriatic they have become a major component of cooking. And in Punat, in turn, olives are grown in huge quantities. Guests will learn a lot about these new fruits and try dishes with olives in the most incredible variations. To experience peasant life in Croatia, many tourists and even participate in the collection and preparation of simple snacks of olives.

Enjoy the fall colors

Closer to the middle of autumn foliage in Croatia will appreciate the bright colors. Most deciduous trees in this country take various shades of yellow and streaked with gold if successful, the fall of sunlight. To see it all, you need to go to Zagreb and its in Park Maksimir, mountain Sljeme mountain or in the hilly area of Zagorje, where in the fall you can shoot great pictures.

Take care of health

Even if the beach season ends, Croatia will open in the fall with other party — as the direction of thermal resorts. By itself, the Croatian air acts favorably on the body, and in combination with other treatments is truly healing. Local thermal spas were popular in antiquity, for example, Varazdinske Toplice, located in the pristine place. It offers mud therapy, mineral water, various restorative procedures. You can go to Stubicke Toplice, which is located in the thermal waters and surrounded by a Park. Here tourists nature walks and tasting delicacies.

To go with the kids to the Festival of pirates

Long-awaited and beloved children pirates festival begins in Zadar in September. In his program involves not only Croatian, but also other European teams. Dressed as pirates, they go to the ship and put on a real show in front of admiring spectators. All this accompanied by music, traditional dinner and dancing. Adults will also receive positive emotions from the festival and can enjoy a real pirate rum.

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