Republican festival

Organizers: Center of military-Patriotic education “UNITEX”, regional branch of DOSAAF of Russia in the Chuvash Republic, the Office of traffic police Ministry of internal Affairs of the Chuvash Republic, the Directorate of the emergencies Ministry of the Chuvash Republic and public organizations, including the organization of the Chuvash Republic, the Chuvash Automobile Federation, Regional aeromodelling Federation, etc.

Within the games will be individual and team competitions in nine valid species, among which the national festival of “kites”, national karting competitions, the Championship of the Chuvash Republic on aviation sports classes in “dogfight”, control line, free flight and radio-controlled models, the Championship of the Chuvash Republic for sport flying, model aircraft for indoor installation, the Republican contest-festival yti “Safe wheel”, the national rally of young firefighters, and for the first time this year, Republican competitions on fire-applied sports among teams of young firefighters dedicated to the memory of the tragedy in Albarossa high school district and There is a Championship of the Chuvash Republic on the self-similar indoor sports.

25 September 2015 in morgaushskij district will host the first event in the standings games – the national festival of “kites”, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war.

For participation in the festival is open to all students of General education institutions and institutions of additional education of the Chuvash Republic, aeromodelling associations, groups of young astronauts.

The festival, held demonstrations of model aircraft associations and national individual and team competitions in four classes:

Flat snake (mini-serpent, serpent-type “Monk”);

Volume snakes (box-snake);

– Managed the snake;

– Demonstration model, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in great Patriotic war of 1941-1945.

Winners of national competitions will be awarded with medals, diplomas and memorable prizes.

REFERENCE . School sports day in sports-technical and applied kinds of sports Cup. cosmonaut A. G. Nikolaev is in Chuvashia annually since 2005.

In the 2014-2015 academic year in the municipal stage of the competition XI school sports sports-technical and applied kinds of sports Cup. cosmonaut Nikolayev was attended by about 3375 people, Republican – 664 man from 25 districts and cities of the Republic, in addition to Alatyr district.

Up to 7 credits of species XI Olympics 2014-2015 academic year took first place Morgaushskij district; 2nd place – Cheboksary, 3rd place – the city of Novocheboksarsk.

In 2014 in the national festival “kites” was attended by 13 teams from 12 districts and towns of the Republic with a total of 92 participants. In the team competition of the festival 1st place challenge Cup was won by the team Shemurshinskogo district (supervisor – Alexander Eremeev), 2nd place – g Novocheboksarsk (head – Oleg Ivanov), 3rd place – team morgaushskij district (leaders – Kircheva Irina Guseva, Samokov Yuri N., Maksimova Elena Veniaminovna).

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