Party like it’s carnival

And not arrange for us to the carnival? Certainly, such thoughts came to mind a lot more than once. After all, what is a carnival? This fun, noisy holiday when you can fool around, to wear a mask, dance and plenty to eat – to drink to his heart’s content. And the format of the carnival allows you to do all this beautiful and interesting. It is therefore not surprising that

The most popular and famous carnivals this, of course. Venice and the famous Brazilian.

How to organize a party in the style of the Venetian carnival so that this event is remembered by all the participants and guests? We must remember that Venice is a fabulous and vibrant city, which seems to be all residents have a refined taste, and all the guests of carnival is subject to the rules of good taste. Therefore, in preparation for the Venetian carnival, you need to create the correct costumes . Of course, the real Venetian costumes – it’s too expensive (it is unlikely you ready for the party to purchase embroidered in gold and embellished with lace dresses). But recognizable Venetian masks, full-face, with lush multi-colored feathers, gold and silver painting, can be purchased. But if to them to add black cloaks with bright clothes columbines or Harlequins, you can not hesitate to go to the carnival, imagining that it will be held at St. Mark’s square.

So, if the costume you are ready, it remains to organize the party. Be sure to invite your carnival Masks of Commedia Dell’arte – harlequin, Colombina, Pulcinella, Pierrot. Decorate room living statues – gold or silver, fountains, lush flower arrangements? fans. You can arrange the tables are small models of gondolas and spread everywhere oranges, mandarins and lemons (bright Sunny fruit will come in handy for the fun of the festival).

You should definitely hold a contest for the best costume, and to choose the King and Queen of Carnival. As treats at the carnival of Venice is best to choose snacks and Italian cuisine, however, Italian sparkling wine and sweet liqueurs will also be useful.

No matter how luxurious Venetian carnival, but the Brazilian beat him in passion and unique rhythms. Brazil is a stunning Rumba, Samba, sensual motion, so it is very important to choose the music for a party in the style of carnival in Rio. The hottest tunes should sound all evening, so nobody was able to sit still, and danced, danced, danced all night!

Going to a party in the style of Brazilian carnival . you can allow yourself the most incredible costumes, and most importantly – feel free to be bold and outspoken. Brazil – southern country, there is no need velvet capes and cloaks, there is a more suitable open bikini, embroidered with sequins and lush crown of bright feathers. Costumes Brazilian carnival will make your most secret dreams.

The main highlight of this party is a long dance marathon in a few hours and a variety of dance competitions. Therefore, deciding to organize such a holiday should be a little bit prepared and to take some lessons in Latin dance. Great idea to invite a live orchestra, because there’s nothing better than dancing to live drums!

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