Mother’s Day

14 October in Belarus will celebrate the holiday – mother’s Day! Typically, this holiday has less publicity than the feast of the eighth of March. Although, in my opinion, much more logical to celebrate mother’s day, paying homage to their mothers than to celebrate the holiday feminists. While the TV screen mothers promised a concert and festive television programme.

There are several versions, where did this holiday. According to one version of the origins of this holiday are to be found in ancient Greece, the inhabitants at that time in the spring celebrated the feast of the mother of the gods gay. According to the second version in 250 BCE in Rome celebrated the feast dedicated to the mother of the gods Sebele (Cybele). And the Celts otmuchow mother’s Day, honour the goddess Bridget. From XVII to XIX century in England there was a tradition of celebrating mother Sunday(Mothering Sunday).This day was a tribute to mothers, it was celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. In America, the tradition to celebrate this holiday appeared in 1870, when the activist women’s movement by Julia ward Howe appealed to all mothers. And then in may of 1907 another American Ann Jarvis from Grafton, West Virginia organized a celebration in honor of his deceased mother. The following year, in celebration of this event took hundreds of other people, and in 1911-in all the States celebrated this holiday. And was soon joined by other countries, such as South America, Canada, Mexico, China and Japan. December 12, 1912, was established by the international Association of mother’s Day to promote this holiday.

In several other countries, mother’s Day is celebrated in the spring, in early may.

In Mexico this day there is a tradition of a family meal. At the table is going several generations, and the children thank their mothers because they gave them life. Officially this day is considered to be the weekends, but in most cases, employers are allowed to go to women in the first half of the day home. In England, the need to bake cakes and cupcakes and give them to their mothers. In Italy mothers is tradition to give flowers. In Ukraine this holiday is celebrated since 1929, but that feast is forgotten and remembered about it only on 10 may 1999, when the President signed a decree on the celebration of mother’s Day.

In Belarus mother’s Day is celebrated since 1996. The celebration of Mother’s Day coincides with the big Orthodox holiday of the Intercession of the Mother of God, celebrated on October 14.

At the moment in Belarus there are more than 1.5 million families, raising 1.9 million minor children. Single-parent families – 355 thousand for the State this year is “pleased” mothers of the abolition of the benefits of free medicines for children under the age of three years, to a reduced fare for children. But the increased monthly allowances for children up to 3 years with 120 600 thousand rubles to 179 760 thousand rubles. As a lump sum in connection with the birth of the first child was increased to 1 123 500 Bel. rubles, and for the second 1 572 900 rubles. For comparison, in Ukraine a lump sum is paid about $ 1630.

In recent times, this holiday began to pay more attention, and recent years, children in schools and kindergartens prepared their mothers are small, cute for maternal heart cards and gifts. And I am very pleased that our children will then bring in their families that noble and pure celebration. And I think that each of us stands on 14 October to come up to my mom, look in the eye and say that You love her and thank her for everything she has done for you. Because to her, but if You were not years You will be the most beloved and dearest person in whose attention mom will always need.

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