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In this article I would like to tell You about Easter in France and the traditions of its celebration.

In 2015, for all Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox believers lovely Easter holiday – Easter falls on April 5.

However, worldwide it is well loved not only by believers, but also many people that are not related to faith and religion, Easter is both a religious holiday and the holiday of spring and renewal. In addition, it is a great occasion to bring together family and friends, and for children to make their favourite pastime – hunting for eggs!

The French are sensitive to the feast of the Passover, in the cathedrals bells ring, are held celebratory mass, and in Easter week and many activities: exhibitions, workshops, talks, installations of the events of Christ’s life, praying together, etc.

But the French also value in Easter spring happy mood, the opportunity to gather the whole family at the holiday table, to see the happy faces of children looking in a garden of colorful eggs and candy. In France it is customary to greet each other with cards, treats, small symbolic gifts in the form of eggs, chickens, chickens, rabbits. Why? Let’s find out…

«my Child, go look at the rose…»

March 1, 2012, 20:30

If Pierre de Ronsard was alive, I think he settled in the village of Sedini, located in the Loire valley. The poet and the villagers shared passion — rose.

The festival of roses in Sedini

It all began 15 years ago, when the mayor of Sedini, Pierre Luo while holidaying in Provence, was fascinated by the local villages etoposide in colors.

Returning home, he first gave the village 5 rose bushes that are planted together with the villagers. Then persuaded the municipal Council to allocate money for the purchase of other bushes. For advice and rose turned to one of the most famous gardeners in France, Andre EV. He often came in Sedini to recommend a rose Bush where to put that house in the background stood out, and with the color of the shutters were combined, and how to care and how to prune… Eventually, he became the godfather of the village.

5 years later, on the same municipal Council decided that one rose is not enough, the village remained green and blooming all year round. Need perennial flowers. That’s just where to plant them? The streets are already narrow. Decided to clean sidewalks, and in their place to plant the primrose, bluebells, lavender… Next -> interesting

Kite festival in Dieppe

October 18, 2010, 21:23

Have you ever seen a giant crab scurrying across the sky? Or the Stingray, slowly floating in the sky? Or maybe You happened to watch the dragon, looking down prey? These intricate questions, You will likely answer “no.” And I’ll tell You about what I have seen it with my own eyes! Where? At the kite festival in Dieppe…

Festival des cerf-volants

So, every two years on the second weekend of September in a small French town called Dieppe, on the shores of the English channel is the festival of kites.

The distinguishing feature of this festival is its internationality. At each festival attended by more than forty countries from all over the world. They make presentations, retrospectives, competitions, master-classes – in General, show who is in that much.

Every two years the festival is set on eight acres of tidy lawn that is located between the sea and the city – this is a great site both for participants and spectators. Next -> more interesting

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July 13, 2010, 9:22

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The most important national holiday in France – July 14, or Bastille Day . This day is celebrated in France, as they say, «on wide leg»! Military parade, concerts, performances, charity events, official meetings, and, of course, fireworks – all this can be seen in France on July 14!

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