Holiday Misericordia in Reus

Marking the end of the summer season holiday Misericordia in Reus is dedicated to the patroness of the city — our lady of mercy ( Mare de Déu de Misericòrdia ). This festival is a Catalan tradition is one of the most important events in the cultural calendar of the hometown of Antonio Gaudi.

Among traditional events annual September festival in Reus — solemn pilgrimage procession with torches, performances of living builders of the pyramids (“towers”) Castells . dance the Sardana . parades with music, dancing and the obligatory pyrotechnics.

A special joy of the celebration will bring to the children: they will be able to watch the procession of giants and mythical creatures (though the roar of firecrackers is not to everyone!), see the dancing procession of devils and wild devil dance with torches-crackers. Of course, in the program there are more serious events: theatre performances, concerts of classical and contemporary music, lectures, theatre performances, exhibitions and much more.

Unlike the September festivals in larger cities of Catalonia (such as the Moers festival in Barcelona and the festival of Santa Tecla in Tarragona), a holiday in Reus is a small family, but it only adds to his charms.

Don’t miss the exciting events before and after the main days of the festival: a program of major events will complement the special festival of living builders of the pyramids (“towers”), Diada del Mercadal . which will take place on 3 October. The event will be attended by the best Catalan castellers team (builders of live pyramids). This festival takes place every two years.

The festival Reus in 2015 in the fact that this year is recognized as the year of Russian language and literature in Catalonia ( Any de la llengua i literatura russa a Catalunya ). In this regard, in Catalonia hosts the festival of Russian culture Rússia Multicolor . and in October in russkom the Fortuny theatre. one of the most important theatres of Catalonia, will be a concert of Russian folk songs and dances (note that, unlike the main holiday programs, this event is pay). The main goal of the festival is to introduce Catalan viewers with the diversity of Russian culture and to strengthen humanitarian and cultural relations between Russia and Catalonia. The festival is held under support of Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.

Under the same festival in the Central library Reus ( Biblioteca Xavier Amorós ) will be organized the exhibition “the Great writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky,” which will run from 1 September to 30 September.

A detailed story about the history of the holiday Misericordia in Reus, major celebrations and traditions, as well as fabulous characters and the other participants in the parade (giant, large, mythical animals and folk ensembles) can be found here . There you can see interesting photos and videos .

Below is the main program of holiday activities Misericordia in Reus in 2015.

All venues (streets, squares, promenades, theatres, gardens and parks), which will be to pass certain celebrations, marked on the following map of Reus ( cm . also detailed tourist map of Reus and better than this year, a map of last year )

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