III international festival of Kozma prutkov will be held in Sablino 5 September. For the most sparkling statement Russian official will award the prize “Chernomor”, and on the free Cabinet “Kosirai!” the participants will try reading your own or someone else’s work. The main event will be Prutkovskim reading.

Kozma Prutkov – literary mask, under which in different years were published in the journals of the brothers Zhemchuzhnikov and Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy. Satire, sayings and fables Kozma prutkov ridiculed mental stagnation and political “loyalty”. September 5 is the birthday of count Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy, who has made the greatest contribution to the formation of the image of Kozma prutkov. Not coincidentally, the festival is held on the territory of the nature monument “Sablino” where Tolstoy and came up with the idea of creating the image.

On Prutkovskim readings will have eminent scientists and cultural figures of St. Petersburg with reports on the subject of speech communication. There will be several round tables with the participation of journalists and publishers, also dedicated based on the work of Kozma prutkov. The culmination of the event will be the premiere of the play prutkov-senior “Chereposlov, that is to say, phrenology” at 17: 00 on the outdoor stage. Last time she put more than 90 years ago.

At the end of the festival guests will lay flowers at the legendary frog Alexei Tolstoy, which was established by his orders, and each guest before the entrance of his estate was to leave the frog “creative gift”.

The opening will take place at 15.00 on the territory of the complex nature monument “Sablino”.

August 8 at 11:00 on the territory of the Salt lane will host the event “Wooden BOOM.” Participants of the festival “Revolucia” from 20 cities of Russia under the open sky will present their final work, created over two weeks at the Academy Stieglitz.

A professional jury will assign grades competitive, and everyone will be able to participate in the holiday program and vote for the audience award. Just on the Salt lane will be submitted 20 entries. After the festival 10 best sites will give the city for installation in gardens and parks of St. Petersburg. The exhibition is complemented by a fair wood products, music and game program. The events will take place not only on the Salt lane, but in the courtyards of the Academy Stieglitz.

The program of the event:

– photo zone on the background of wooden art objects;

– entertainment area with wooden table games;

– master classes on creating small wooden masterpieces;

– master class on blacksmithing “Forged nails”;

– fair copyright wood products and the accompanying materials – from jewelry to furniture;

– the largest Salt “Tree in a modern house”;

– live music;

– “Big picnic” in forging the courtyard of the Academy.

Address: Solyanoy pereulok, 13-15

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