In recent years, our lives became a lot, for example the FESTIVAL spearfishing GOLDEN AUTUMN. It, including, and new opportunities for leisure time activities, new forms of entertainment and Hobbies. For many, this passion was diving. It’s a fascinating pastime allows you to combine a beach holiday with physical activity. And enjoy not only swimming, but also for exploring the underwater world, socializing with like-minded, adventurous journeys. Those for whom the word “diving”, “diving equipment”, “best places to dive”, etc. are not an empty sound, our diving forum would certainly be interesting and useful. All this thanks to our friend

In our diving club not only can you find lots of materials on “diving”: training, equipment, dive sites. You can also learn about the FESTIVAL spearfishing GOLDEN AUTUMN. We have tried to organize the work of our resource so that you could get practical benefits. Of course, the first question that interested beginners – how much is diving. For those who are planning to engage in this exciting pastime, you will need first to buy diving equipment. If you want to know the actual price of the diving gear, to choose the optimal set of gear for diving – all this you can do with our help. Communication on the forum will let you know where to buy diving equipment at the best prices. Here you can find the most attractive offers on purchase of second hand equipment for diving. For a beginner buying their first diving equipment, this purchase can be very profitable. And to commit, quite to view our ads from the “sell diving equipment”.

Of course, the cost of equipment for diving today is quite high. Why not take advantage of the “rent diving equipment”? On our forum you can find the addresses of companies which offer rental equipment for diving, and take advantage of their great offers.

Another important issue for those who are only attached to the amazing world of scuba diving – choose diving courses. A dry diving training in Moscow provide numerous diving centers. Here you can compare the price of diving in many of them, and choose the best option for themselves.

Of great interest for many courses and freediving is diving without scuba gear. Freediving, exercise which involves training the technique of breath – this entertainment, and art, and sports. And to achieve success in it will allow special education freediving, which is also offered in Moscow today. By understanding the basics of freediving, you can gain unprecedented freedom in the arms of the sea. And feel the unity with her, impossible when using special equipment. And to share their achievements and discoveries in this area will help our freediving forum.

Another forum that we offer to your attention a forum about spearfishing. Here you can familiarize yourself with the basic rules of underwater hunting that definitely should be explored for the beginner. After all, diving hunting has its own peculiarities. And, of course, requires special equipment for spearfishing. And where and how to purchase it you can find on the pages of our resource.

One of the most interesting sections of our site – photo and video materials about diving, in accommodation which you can participate. If you have any interesting diving video, or you want your wonderful diving photo and saw other users – you can share them on our website. Together we can make this resource even more useful and interesting.

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