Festival of fountains in Arcadia

Festival of fountains. The climax of the festive Sabbath day became a holiday in Arcadia. This opened unprecedented for Odessa festival of fountains. The festival was opened by the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov. Thousands of Odessites and guests enjoyed the event updated in Arcadia. Details — in the next story.

Saturday night. To review the updated Arkady gathered thousands of Odessites and guests of the city. More recently, the beginning of the tourist season, Central Avenue Arcadia was opened after extensive renovation. June 28 here is another discovery within the three-day “festival of festivals” in Odessa. The honor to open the festival of fountains in Arcadia, naturally, Odessa had the mayor Gennady Trukhanov. The mayor gladly congratulated inhabitants of Odessa and city visitors on this joyful event.

Gennady Trukhanov, the mayor of Odessa

good evening, dear friends, good evening, dear fellow countrymen. I’m really glad that we are in Odessa today themselves have arranged a feast. Holiday classy, beautiful. I sincerely congratulate you today with the beginning in our city festival of festivals. You know that in our city today is not only this event – today was a lot of interesting and a bike ride and dance festival near Duke…Today Odessa demonstrates throughout Ukraine, the world that we are not only a fun city, we — quiet city, we — a welcoming city, and most importantly — we are a safe city. really?

The mayor assured that I will do everything possible and impossible to Odessa retained this status is safe and welcoming city. A beautiful city — beautiful sights. Along with Small and Large fountain, the place for Odessa this year may become the fountain in Arcadia. More precisely — fountains…singing, dancing with backlight…

Another highlight of the evening was a concert under the open sky. Global star – Italian singer In-grid – lit real open air party in Arcadia. She enjoyed communicating with the audience, inviting them on stage, tanzeela with them, joked and shared their impressions from Odessa.

In-grid admitted that he saw the announcement of the Odessa film festival and would not mind to take part in it. Star literally fell in love with our city (although to be honest, for us it is not news)))) and already tried some of the local cuisine.

In-Grid, is an Italian singer

of course, usually when I’m not in Italy, I try the local cuisine. However, today I ate sushi. This is not a traditional Ukrainian cuisine, but before I tried it. She’s incredible! My favorite food is hash and green soup! very tasty, though!

Their experiences — from the festival of fountains, concert In-grid and updated Arcadia gladly shared and attendees at the festival.

— overwhelmed with impressions, emotions –super. Did you like it? –Yes! Cool!

-today, this day is very good, beautiful fountains, a good mood, in this difficult time, unfortunately, when there is a war here people unites our good mayor, I thank him for that, for it is a wonderful action that is going on.

— all liked the friendly people we met wonderful singer, enjoyed the show, the fountains are very beautiful.

Contrary to the slander, updated Arcadia available to the citizens of Odessa. The concert, fountains, and walking under the open sky…all this once again confirms the availability of the new Odessa attractions for everyone.

Gennady Trukhanov, the mayor of Odessa

I think it should be tradition – what he did in Arcadia, should be available for local citizens. Such concerts we should have, probably every weekend. So everyone can come and relax here. it must be accessible, beautiful, in Odessa.

Grand festival – a grandiose finish. In the finale of the whole event — when it got dark, in the night skies over Arcadia sparkle with colored lights fireworks..

Odessa again showed everyone that she is expecting guests. Come, you will not regret!

A special report with details about what happened during the “Festival of festivals” “I Want to Odessa”, see the broadcast of the Voice media group. Follow our broadcasts!

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