Festival flower festival in the world.

Flower festival – one of the most popular and colorful holidays in many countries around the world, celebrated since ancient times and attracts attention of both local residents and guests of the event. A little about the history of the holiday and when it takes place in some countries.

Memorable and mysterious “flower” holiday in Russia has always been famous Ivan Kupala, which in some places was called Ivan Herbalist. This festival is held in the midst of the summer solstice, on the night of 7 July, old style – 24 to 25 June.

In Ukraine in the late summer – early autumn is traditionally held the annual city exhibition of flowers. Each year the exhibition has its own theme, for example, last year it was devoted to folk tales, and the year before that was called “Illusions of autumn”.

The flower festival is held in Baku on may 10, the birthday of the national leader and the 3rd President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev.

Flower shows were held in Israel since the mid-1950s, until the early 90s. the Revived exhibition of flowers in Haifa became the largest flower exhibition in Israel in the entire history of the country. Just Park Hecht in the exhibition area in April 2012 were built 13 floral “palaces”.

One of the most exciting and beautiful events of the year at the Madeira flower Festival. Flowers adorn homes and storefronts, the streets lined floral mosaic. The parade of the festival of flowers takes place over two days. In 2013, this dazzling procession will be held on 11 and 12 may.

Flower festival in Belgium is celebrated in mid-August. With 1971 on the Central Grand Place in Brussels best masters floral case spread a carpet of flowers – begonias, particularly revered by the Belgians.

Flower festival in the Netherlands (Holland) is held in mid-April. The Dutch love tulips, which have become a real symbol of this country.

The Tulip festival is held in mid-may in the U.S. city of Holland in which they live Dutch emigrants. Around town especially for the holiday plantation grown tulips, attracting thousands of visitors.

In Italy, the flower festival started to celebrate it in the Renaissance, and this tradition persists to this day. Typically, the festival of flowers takes place in may-June, whole streets spread a colorful pattern of flowers to the delight of local residents and visitors of the country.

In England celebrating the forget-me-nots, primroses and pansies. In memory of the fallen soldiers, the British celebrate poppy day. This day falls on the first Sunday of November and poppies, as red flags, put to the foot of the monuments.

Very beautiful flower festival in Venice. On this day, decorated with flower garlands and colored lanterns moving through water gondola, flowers adorn the hair, making wreaths and garlands, and people dancing with flowers in his hands.

In Germany, on the first Sunday of March is the feast of the violets.

Flower festival in Ancient India was celebrated in the first week of February. In our time in India, this festival is called the festival of spring.

China and Japan have the highest number of flower festivals. In February celebrates the feast of the flowering plums, in March – peaches, in April – cherries in June and peonies, in October, chrysanthemums and red maple leaves.

In Japan in may, celebrating the blooming of the Wisteria, which are called sacred mount Fuji; in the beginning of June – flowering iris; at the end of June – flowering peonies; in July – the feast of the flowering Lotus. The chrysanthemum festival is celebrated all over Japan, the creation of these flowers as much as landscapes.

There is the famous flower festivals in New Zealand, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries.

Holiday festival of flowers in the world.

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