Festival – Bard autumn – celebrated its 20th anniversary

In Bielsko Podlaskie d ate 20-th festival “Bard autumn”. For 20 years the event has really become a serious cultural phenomenon that regularly opens new names and inspires young people on creative self-realization. Especially for the anniversary ERB gathered memories of organizers and people who care about the festival and its contribution e in the Belarusian culture.

The organizer of the festival Igor Lukashuk :

“Organization next “Fall” is explained starting with conversations on the previous one, because each of the participants something new makes, comments, inspires me. “Autumn” is created by those who are involved and who is talking about it something. Words fall into the air. My task is to listen and to organize. “Bard autumn” is not only the bard festival, the festival of art song, and he is always ready to take on its platform for new trends and new bards”.

The author of the cult of “the People of hypertension and of the album” and longtime member of the jury of the festival Mikhail Benedictow shares her memories:

“The concert “Narodnaja album” in Bielsk was really important for us. Then, after the concert, we heard of a better word at the time of its existence: “Thanks for the concert, today we feel proud that we Belarusians”. For me, “Bard autumn” festival, which annually allows you to feel this honor. Because we often forget, because we are a modest nation, we often feel inferiority, and neighbors to help e feel. But all my life I was convinced that Belorusski th same culture crenna as others. “Bard autumn” helps us to feel who we are. Because the song helps to Express what words cannot Express. For 20 years the Belarusian culture, including the “Bard of autumn” was created and was in the process of understanding ourselves. 20 years is already a cultural phenomenon. There is always good weather, it is an oasis, where the sun always shines. And only guitars are becoming more precise, and the cases are more expensive”.

Recalls one of the founders of the festival Bogdan Simonenko .

“Help from friends, local people. First of all, you had to find bards. Then to bring, feed, give to spend the night and let it sing. We agreed on in different places, with different people. Needed to find potatoes, meat of some sort. Another thing, money. Also collected. Here the potatoes were collected, there is money. Someone gave 100 bucks. Only then I learned that 100 bucks was collected Bear Androsiuk wife a new fridge”.

A bard and a regular guest of Autumn Ales kamotski tells how everything started in the 90s: “the First years were crazy, but Bogdan (Bogdan Simonenko, one of the founders of the festival. — Euroradio) did everything confidently. Were the 90’s, and in Minsk was also a festival, there was such a period that the Belarusian need to do, and people wrote specifically Belarusian, had 50 participants. We came here then the whole bus. But there we did one festival, and here — Bogdan pulled further, and made the second, and third. But 20 is already big. And 14 of them have already done Igor Lukashuk. 20 years from now? I don’t know. Then I had a little daughter. Now I have a little grandson. Well, there is something to remember, but I want to think about the future.”

The leader of the group BosaeSonca the head of the Belarusian selection for the festival Ales kot-hares shares how he became involved in the organization of the festival: “for some time I picked up a case of Ales Kamotskii and began to carry out in Belarus, the qualification for “Bard autumn”. For me was the discovery that 20-30% of all the contenders annually prepare material specifically for the festival. People just know it’s a cultural phenomenon that deserves attention, and write specifically for her. It is not only tradition, this phenomenon is alive and needed today. This makes the future. The transition from generation to generation, and each festival has such a feature”.

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