Famous carnivals

The carnival of Venice in 2011 will be dedicated to the unification of Italy and to women, and the festival will last a week more than usual . The final event will be the regatta rowing boats along the Grand canal, which on such a solemn occasion will be lit only by candles. The building of the Venice casino, CA’ the Vendramin Calergi, appointed one of the centers of the organizing Committee.

The theme of the carnival has identified two calendar events: in 2011 marks 150 years of the unification of Italy and the last day of the carnival, Tuesday, coincides with International women’s day i.e. 8th March. And the name “the feeling sissy” (Italian for ” Da Senso a Sissi “) refers to one of the masterpieces of Luchino Visconti, the film “Sense”, a film in 1954, and to the image of Austrian Empress Elisabeth of Bavaria, known in Europe as a diminutive of the name Cissy is a sample of the manners and refinement of the nineteenth century.

The main program of the carnival will begin on Saturday, February 26, and will run until Tuesday, March 8, with a two-day prologue in prior to the main festival weekend, February 19-20. The organization of the carnival this season entrusted to Venezia Marketing & Eventi , and artistic Director selected David Rampello with many years of invaluable experience in organizing large-scale events.

^ Carnival will bear a distinct cultural and historical connotation as a tribute to the traditions of the XIX century, but will also be accented with unique features of the city: in honor of the opening and closing of the carnival will be arranged festive boat parade. The first swim will be held on 19-20 February and finishing on 8 March .


20, 27 February, 6, 8, 13 March 2011

(province of Lucca, region Tuscany)

The carnival in Viareggio is considered one of the most popular not only in Italy but throughout Europe. The parade the largest in the world live carnival carts along the city waterfront.

The protagonist of the Carnival in Viareggio-2011 will continue to be a funny man of Burlamacco, created by the artist of the futurist uberto Bonetti and since 1931 has been the official face of the Carnival.

The word “Burlamacco”, which clearly captured the echoes of carnival burlesque, has several versions of the origin. First of all, “Burlamacco” – the name of the channel that crosses the whole town of Viareggio. According to the second, much less likely hypothesis, the name of Burlamacco is a name of a literary character of the Renaissance, Buffalmacco, one of the actors of the famous book by Giovanni Boccaccio “the Decameron”. One of the most credible theory States that “Burlamacco” – a pseudonym that the author of the mask, uberto Bonetti, signed hand-drawn cartoons in them one humor magazine of those years.

Viareggio’s carnival has been celebrated since 1873, when a small group of local aristocracy decided to arrange in the centre of the parade of carnival floats, and the poor took advantage of this opportunity to dress up in costumes and make fun of local politicians. Since then, the Carnival in Viareggio is renowned as the most daring and revealing throughout Italy, and in the figures on carnival carts unambiguously discern politicians and public figures of our day.


January 6 – March 9, 2011

Under the traditional singing pipes and drums will begin festivities, the culmination and the most long-awaited event which is Orange carnage (Battaglia delle Arance). This fruit-military-entertainment event brings together the major urban areas of all local residents and symbolizes the struggle for freedom, the essence of being juraskova Carnival. Orange carnage ranks among the holidays, beloved and popular not only in Italy but also abroad.

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