European gastronomic festivals

Beer in Munich, lobster in Spain, or wine in France? Guide to culinary holidays in Europe.

Long want to visit Europe, but can’t find a decent reason? Of course, the Old world is beautiful for its unforgettable history and architecture – but it’s so corny… For those who want to European vacation were really “delicious” is not superfluous to familiarize with the list of European cities that are famous for their culinary festivals and holidays! Particularly relevant gastronomic journey will be now, when every little bit famous the city is hosting a special celebration, associated with the end of the agricultural season in the region, harvesting and tasting the fruit.

So, foodies Belarus, do not lose time in vain, and unite and go to Europe in the fall to not only please the eyes and the stomach!

Definitely the most “common” and popular European culinary holiday European autumn – famous “Оktoberfest” in Germany. Every year about six million fans of German beer and sausages concerted series go to Munich to join this amazing event. According to statistics, during the celebration of the drink about 600 million liters of beer, eaten 600 thousand fried chicken and 80 great way fattened bulls. If you don’t want to stay away from such a Grand celebration, take the time to apply for a visa and to buy tickets: “Oktoberfest” was launched on 19 September. Hope you still have time to enjoy the famous beer and admire the German Grand fireworks to the accompaniment of folk ensembles and brass bands!

If you aim to visit Germany, after Munich be sure to stop in Weimar, where the so-called “the Onion festival” .

At numerous venues, you will enjoy its talented acting skill groups, including from Russia, and food lovers can enjoy more than hundreds of national dishes from the bow.

If you are not a fan of beer and onions, Germany and you are not impressed – go Prim and proper England! You. In October, in the County of Wales, begins a week shrimp and shellfish . and in the city of Middlesbrough goes another festival – the festival of the captain’s kitchen. He is being held in honor of the famous captain James cook, who, alas, had lunch aborigines.

Eat incredible fish dishes can be in Spain. Here you will be taken to another well-known among European gourmet festival fish . In October in the Spanish town of O grove, attracts thousands of foodies from around the world to savor the delicacies of lobster, mussels, oysters. Of course, in addition to delights for the stomach in Sunny Spain, you can enjoy a host of activities: exhibitions, concerts, sports competitions diversify your leisure after the adoption of gourmet seafood.

Well, not to mention gastronomic festivals in beautiful France!

The festival ’s Beaujolais Nouveau” in France is celebrated for over two hundred years. Beaujolais – this is the only French wine, which goes on sale immediately after harvest. The festival slogan, don’t know who in this town is considered a bad form – the Beaujolais Nouveau has arrived. Beaujolais – a favorite French wine, and the holiday ’s Beaujolais Nouveau” in Burgundy as well loved by the French as “Oktoberfest” – the Germans.

And yet France is the “Week of taste”. Food lovers have a unique opportunity to taste the most exquisite dishes of European cuisine at hundreds of restaurants across the country that for one week in October will put a special tasting menu with low prices. The main objective of this culinary event – the promotion of healthy and delicious food.

I hope we have said enough to tempt you at least few days to trade the rainy Belarusian autumn on the bright gastronomic holidays in Europe!

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