Eco-vacation in the Carpathian mountains

Spring meeting “Mertsishor” . the first week of the month, S. White Church, Rakhiv district

Romanian ethno-festival opens a series of regional celebrations of national minorities of Transcarpathia and is traditionally held in Tyachiv and Rakhiv districts, densely populated by the Romanian population. On this day people give each other small buttonholes in the form of flowers from the threads of white and red colors. This ornament as a holiday called Martisor. The Martisor is worn on the clothing of the entire March, and March 31 is removed and hung on flowering fruit trees. It is believed that through this people will be successful throughout the next year. According to legend, if you make a wish, hanging Martisor on the tree, it is always true.

The erotic literature festival “March cats”, Uzhhorod

Gathers writers, writers, poets ‘ texts and fans for public readings. The festival takes place on a city – in cafes, clubs, bars and even in Uzhhorod castle hear poetry and prose, modern young alternative literature. During the festival, body art, erotic exhibitions, and more.

International festival of brass music “Kantus”, Uzhhorod

Held in Uzhgorod once in two years. Founded the world-famous Transcarpathian chamber choir “Kantus”. The festival is attended by creative teams, musicians, composers, vocalists from Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland, Austria and many other countries.

Festival of wine and honey “Sunny drink”, the first Saturday-Sunday of the month, Uzhhorod

At this time, the wine and honey have a real bright taste, claim Transcarpathian winemakers and beekeepers. Honey festival ably combine wine, preparing balms and mulled wine. Also at the festival you can buy Mead made from honey, water and pollen.

Festival of traditional Hutsul dishes “Belabacsi banosh”, S. Kostyleva, Rakhiv district

Held in the Transcarpathian village Kostyleva. The participants and guests of the holiday treat Hutsul dishes and, most important, banosh. The festival usually large Vatra mountain valley, a variety of exhibitions, fireworks. Here you can buy cheese, to learn the basics of Hutsul cuisine and much, much more.

Sports international championship of petanque “Sakura”. The beginning of may, m. Uzhgorod

Festival of medieval culture “Silver Tatosh”

The venue of the festival – Chynadievo castle near Mukachevo. Silver Tatosh is a symbol of purity, nobility, honor and loyalty, kindness and courage. It Transcarpathian Pegasus, which calls for them in the world of heroic and legendary Medieval times.

Festival “Silver Tatosh” takes place in Chinadievskaya the castle “St. Miklos”, who has 6 centuries rises over the spectacular river Latorica among the picturesque Carpathian peaks. Since ancient times in this place, where the ways of the West and the East, followed by the armies and trade caravans. The festival come of the best knights from Ukraine, Hungary and Slovakia, reviving the glory of bygone eras. The event is carried out spectacular medieval buhurt, vivid fights with halberds and swords. For guests of the holiday sounds pretty authentic music, to cook delicious dishes according to old recipes. Anyone can take part in the dances, and amusements of the middle Ages, shoot a crossbow or bow, to participate in master classes and attend the fair.

Day Of Beregovo

On this day in Beregovo traditionally having a contest for the best kettle flavor Transcarpathian cuisine. Held sports games and concerts.

Day Mukachevo

Day of Mukachevo sometimes extends over several days. In the program of festive events – theatrical performances, jousting tournaments, rides, games and amusements, concerts, competitions, city tournament strongest “Mukachevo hero”.

Day of Perechyn, Trinity, Perechyn

A wonderful celebration of the wires to the meadow “Day of the Ox”, held in the village Business. Here you can see the Carpathian traditions, to see how the milking sheep as cooks Hutsul cheese – white cheese, dance kolomyjka – Carpathian folk dance. and light the big Hutsul bonfire.

Fly festival . on the mountain river Witch, Svalyava district.

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