Detroit Electronic Music Festival

Major festivals dedicated to electronic music, are held not only in Europe. One of the most important events taking place in the US, is the Detroit music festival (” Detroit Electronic Music Festival “, abbreviated as DEMF . also known as the ” Tech Fest “). It is held annually in Detroit since 2000. The event name was changed several times: in 2003-2004, it was called “Movement”, in 2005 – “Fuse-In”, and since 2006 he is called “Movement: Detroit Electronic Music Festival “. Although each name change also meant a change of the organizers of the festival, every year it follows the same traditions, gathering artists and DJs that reflect the latest trends in electronic music.

The first electronic music festival in Detroit was “World Party”, held in 1994. It was organized by Carol Marvin and companies “Pop Culture Media”. He, along with its partners (the Dave Sooreh and Kurt Martin) was responsible for conducting the Detroit jazz festivals. In “World Party”, held in the arena “Joe Louis”, participated DJs Derrik May and Kevin Saunderson. The event turned out to be unprofitable because of some failures in the organization, but he played a big role in promoting the idea of an electronic music festival in Detroit.

In 2000, Marvin launched his next project ” Detroit Electronic Music Festival “. His partner Carl Craig attracted to participate in the festival world-renowned DJs, as well as talented local performers. Thanks to this event attracted the attention of not only Americans, but also foreign visitors. As a rule, DEMF is held in the arena “Hart Plaza” and supported by the city authorities. Many consider this support as recognition of Detroit as one of the primary sources of electronic music, particularly techno. In addition, from the beginning, city officials have a positive attitude towards the festival as a means to attract tourists to the city and young people. The number of visitors DEMF -2000 exceeded the expectations of organizers and in total amounted to more than a million over the three days of the meeting. In subsequent years, he attracted even more viewers, and thus became not only a major musical event, but also an important source of income in the city budget.

Since around 2002 DEMF arose a number of related subordinate musical events, which also attracted a large number of spectators. In 2002 there was a conflict between the creators of the show. Although Craig insisted that he is its founder, Marvin proved in court that the pre-emptive rights belong to him, and Craig was hired as an organizer. The new leadership of the festival, which included Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson, was somewhat less successful. Derrick May was a popular DJ, but had no experience in organizing major events, and despite the great success with the public, the festival has begun to yield losses due to unnecessary costs.

In 2005, the office DEMF was referred to Kevin Saunderson’, and glad he took measures to increase revenues. 2005 was the first year when the entrance to the festival was free. This resulted in a reduction in the number of visitors, however, revenues from the sale of tickets is not allowed to cover the costs of the festival. Therefore, in 2006 DEMF last time changed by the organizer. They became Paxahau, moreover, this choice of the city authorities also approved Saunderson, May, and Craig. They were right: under the guidance of Paxahau, the festival has regained the success of what was achieved at the beginning of the two thousandth. In 2010 DEMF was especially special because it was the tenth anniversary of the event. It was attended by such famous DJs as Plastikman, Mr. Scruff, Ida Engberg, and Woody McBride.

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