Dance voodoo and mystical rituals

There is always a reason to party, and Africa, with its cultural diversity, can safely be called the festival continent. But at the time, as festivals like Festival au Desert (Festival in the desert) in Mali or Mawazine in Morocco is well known to travelers, Africa offers much more — Africans celebrate everything from harvest rose before day saints. Here are five of the most interesting of the festivities.

International camel racing in Maralal, Kenya

Every year in August a small town Maralal comes alive in Kenya. There are camel races, involving both professionals and Amateurs. The event lasts for three days. Initially it was organized in honor of peace between the different tribes. Riders of these tribes gather to have fun, and foreigners describe the event as something like a European music festival.

In the last few years the festival has become very popular among tourists, and now attracts international participants. The festival is open to everyone, even children. There are many other entertainment — traditional local dances, lessons, crafts and, of course, — the party.

Timkat, Ethiopia

The most colorful festival of Ethiopia — Timkat or Timket — this is the Christian three-day holiday, which lasts from 18 to 20 January. It is held across the country and symbolizes the baptism of Christ in the Jordan river.

The best place to celebrate — is the former Imperial capital of Grand Turk, where the main event takes place in the Baths of Fasilidas — ancient baths of Emperor Fasiladas. Here at one time bathed the Imperial family. Today it is filled with water before the festival, and people bathe in it, symbolizing the baptism.

Festival of roses, Morocco

The rose festival is held annually in may, depending on the harvest of roses. Region located near the ridge of the High Atlas, supports the pink industry. Delicious smelling flowers — it «blood» the small town of El Kelaa M’guna, which is the festival itself. The city is known for a huge area, covered with pink Persian roses, called rose Alley. Every year about 20 thousand people come to the festival. Three days of fun, tasty treats, dances and songs, as well as the carnival procession and the crowning of Miss Rose, who becomes the reigning Queen of the harvest of the current year.

Musem in honor of Ben Aissa, Morocco

Morocco is mainly an Islamic country and celebrates the many Muslim festivals throughout the year. Festival Ben Aissa — the largest mussel in the country (moussem means «to venerate saints») — often described as the mystical side of Islam.

The festival is held in the mausoleum of Sidi Ben Aissa in the Northern city of Meknes. In the 15th or 16th century, this religious mystical celebration took place to the accompaniment of sacred music, and the ceremony included ecstatic dancing: people went into a trance and almost nothing to eat or drink. In the modern world, the festival has become more like a cultural event. People are enjoying the medieval ideas, dance and sing. The festival takes place in January and depends on the Islamic calendar.

Voodoo festival Benin

Voodoo — the official religion of Benin since the 1990s. And since there are annual festivals in her honor. Voodoo came from West Africa. Its followers believe in a Supreme being and other lesser divine beings and that the world of the living and the world of the dead — are closely related.

Voodoo festival takes place in January in Ouidah — the historical centre of the worship of voodoo, where the main events take place on the beach. The festival is the most vibrant and lively event involving voodoo dolls, horse races take place on the beach, dancing, and drinking gin. In honor of the spirits by sacrificing a goat.

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