Carnival in Montenegro

For anybody not a secret that almost every people of planet Earth have inherited from their ancestors own tradition of celebrating the new year. We are not talking about the night of 31 December to 1 January, and on pagan holidays, which mark a change of season, the rebirth of life, the emergence of something new. And, as a rule, these holidays (Carnival in Russia, Mardi Gras in Western Europe and the USA, Fastnacht the Germans, Apokries in Greece, Carnival in Italy and Brazil) occur in the late winter — early spring.

What is celebrated at this time in the territory of Montenegro? It would seem that the answer is obvious — once the Montenegrins are Orthodox, like Russians, so too the carnival. However, this is not so, because the Carnival and Orthodoxy have nothing in common.

The history of the braided lace more interesting! There was a time when many cities of the modern Montenegrin coast was under the influence of Venice (and she’s famous for its carnival in the world!), so it is from this city and came to the Balkans tradition of CARNIVAL.

Kotor carnival

Tradition to rejoice all the people awaited the end of winter was born in the time of Ancient Rome — it was the feast of the Saturnalia. The word “carnival” comes from the Latin and means “farewell, meat” because he is, as a rule, before the beginning of lent (merged pagan and Christian traditions). But Montenegrins distinguished here: though I love carnival, but that’s meat for the next seven weeks are going to give up!

Carnival in Kotor is just about the most grandiose event in the social life of Montenegro. It’s a major holiday and he never manages to be held in one day. As a rule, more than a week the city is decorated with wreaths, in the evening, burning torches, a visiting troupe put on street performances, tastings of the Montenegrin dishes everywhere atmosphere of fun, joy, universal unification.

For several weeks, and even months before the carnival, the inhabitants of Kotor stocking masks and costumes. As you know, the mask is a parody of reality, and a way to expel evil spirits on the eve of the rebirth of new life.

By the end of February in Kotor meets several thousands of tourists and locals and foreign tourists, as well as the direct participants of the carnival action. The final procession held on the last day on the promenade, is the climax of the whole carnival week and collects the greatest number of viewers and artists. Kotor at this time becomes similar to Venice — the ancestral home of this noisy holiday. After all, even the architectural style of the old town of Kotor is designed in the Venetian tradition, classical Roman architecture.

In the final parade of the carnival are involved, it seems that everyone who is at this time in the city: among striding you can see the pupils, the elderly, mothers with prams and pregnant women, men in suits of Neptune or the evil spirit. Beauty and the beast, musicians and dancers in masks or costumes — brings together all the famous Kotor carnival.

Carnival in Budva

If you want to combine a visit to the carnival and beach vacation (and in February to do this, you will agree, is difficult), then welcome to a three-day international Budva carnival, which is held in late April – early may. The weather at this time on the Montenegrin coast quite summer, very warm in the afternoon the air warms up to +30. The beaches are not crowded, and the prices are lower than in high season.

Especially I will be pleased with this fun holiday kids, as on the first day, the procession is held and competitions among adults who come here from almost every country of Europe, even from America and Australia. But the second and third days are devoted to the children. Participation in the children’s carnival can take absolutely any child who has a suit or at least a mask.

Kotor carnival, which completes the winter and beginning of spring, and Budva, which opens the holiday season — not only in Montenegro. Here is still underway and summer parades. But in the next article.

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