Bulgaria in autumn

«Great Bulgaria in the autumn!” – I will answer anyone with no ask.

Holiday in Bulgaria in the fall is just gorgeous, and amazing – with this statement, it is simply impossible to argue with! The bright colors of luxurious nature, the soft warmth of Sunny days, breathtaking beauty of landscapes… of Course, amazing in Bulgaria each season has its unique charm and its “flavor”, but autumn – this is something special…This time of year is generally the best time for a perfect relaxation, but Bulgarian autumn will never be forgotten. That is why tour operators compete in a race offer exciting offers for the autumn holiday in this wonderful country. Proposed pedestrian tourism in the Rhodope mountains and horse riding, visiting nature reserves and ethnographic villages, bike trails and diverse festivals and other events. From year to year, there is a growing popularity of Spa tourism. And since in addition, an increasing number of tourists who want to combine Spa treatments with rehabilitation, construction of new hotels, offering to combine the balneological treatment of certain diseases and the Spa complex. To traditional Spa destinations are Velingrad, Hissar, Devin, Sandanski. And Pavel Banya and Verses gradually return to its former glory – in recent years there appeared a lot of new and modern Spa hotels.

Autumn holiday on the sea and not only

This year the tourists are offered a novelty Golf weekends. To conduct such activities in Bulgaria, there is an excellent base – Golf courses, supplemented by complexes for the night. For this kind of the most popular tourism centers are Pravets, Kavarna, Balchik, Bansko, Ihtiman. These settlements have not only the perfect Golf courses, and hotels that operate Golf school. It is worth noting that in Bansko recently conducted an international Golf tournament, the participants of which have arrived in Bulgaria from 27 States.Fully justified the expectations of operators and wine tours. The interest in such increases not only among the tourists coming from abroad, but also among themselves Bulgarians who like to diversify tasting of exclusive wines your autumn holiday. Here we can note an interesting fact that in Bulgaria, an increasing number of hotels started producing its own brand of wine. And not just to produce but also provide tourists the opportunity to see the entire production cycle is wonderful and all of your favorite drink.

Autumn in the mountains

Especially scenic in autumn, the slopes of the Rhodopes. during this season they reveal all the splendor of her charms. To be sure, not necessary to be an artist, a photographer or a poet, you just open your hearts to meet

the beauty of the Bulgarian nature. To enjoy bright, like a child’s hand drawn scenery and on the weekends you can go in the vicinity of the town of Smolyan. This enchanting spectacle will forever remain in the memory of a touch unreal magic. The blue of the sky in the Rhodopes contrast, and the air like purity rings. Century-old deciduous forest the sun paints in yellow, orange, fire red and purple color, and the ridges and glades affect the abundance of mushrooms and wild herbs. In mountain soft curves nestled Mogilitsa, Borino, Agogino, Arda, Trigrad and other equally beautiful Bulg

designer village. Welcome guests, they meet a colorful palette of surprises. Forget about the camera would be an unforgivable omission, because here every corner waiting for an incredible temptation.Of Bulgaria in the autumn offer very attractive discounts and less pleasant bonuses. And even in the mountains there is a large number of hotels “Suite” – for those who like to relax with a special comfort. But the one who loves nature and want privacy, opted for a guest house in one of the modest Bulgarian villages. The owners of such houses typically offer additional services, including Hiking in the mountains, visiting caves, the organization of fishing or a picnic.Bulgaria – a country of breathtaking beauty, stunning emotional attitude, country, impressive variety of leisure activities, beautiful at any time of the year. But we invite you to visit this country in the fall and when you bring this idea to life, you will realize that life is lived not in vain!

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