Bright People

July 12,  in the center of Moscow will host the 3rd international family festival street art and creativity “Bright People” . For the third year in a row the best street theatres, music groups and performers from around the world will gather together to bring the brightest ideas and carnival mood in summer the streets of Moscow.

This year the Festival organizers will present the city with a Grand celebration, for which preparations are already in full swing. 15 theater premieres, 10 art carts on wheels, 30 art objects, carnival 5 workshops, 3 theatrical processions, the construction of large-scale cardboard city — all this and much more will see the guests of the festival on July 12.

“This year we are strengthening the educational component of the project and go out with her outside of the center of Moscow. Together with partners we have developed a comprehensive training program, which kicks off across the city in April, — says art Director of the Festival “Bright People” Maria Galperina. — We want to enliven the urban space, to diversify the usual formats, to assemble a team of like-minded people. Our program will allow you to combine bright creative projects of museums, studios, further education, Universities, houses of culture and other creative people with their potential audience. To train teachers to work with new materials, forms and techniques. To inspire parents and children to work, to engage them in the vivid festival world. It is our common contribution to the Year of Culture in Russia, which is celebrated this year”.

“Bright People 2014” — this is a workshop for the whole family, the doors of which opened in April. During three months (April – June) under the guidance of experienced filmmakers and talented teachers, guests will be able to participate in the creation of the Festival. On the grounds of the cultural centers of the city in various neighborhoods and districts of the city will be workshops, master classes, carnival labs, participation in which will include leading Russian and international creative teams and organizations. By combining the use of recycling materials with a creative approach and a carnival mood, together they create a colorful world of Bright People.

So, April 5, at the cultural centre “Moskvich” workshop “Made in Cardboardia” (Russia) and “Motus Terrae Theatre Company” will open an intensive practical course on the development of street performances. Throughout the week the participants of the program for designers will learn basic techniques for creating theatrical costumes, scenery and props from cardboard. The participants “Performance on stilts” will receive training on the development of plastics, learn new tricks, gain experience working with the public. And then both groups will come together in order to bring your performance to life, presenting it on the streets.

And this is only the beginning. Together to transform urban space will be known theatres and studios: “Theatre of taste”, “Spam-theater”, “Liquid Theatre”, “Circle II”, “the Wind of the Bureau”, the “Tall brothers”, “Fire people”, “Antique circus” and many others.

July 12, 2014 Muscovites and guests of the city will have a real firework of creativity and the Prime Minister. Headlining the Festival in 2014 will be: world-renowned French company Les plasticiens Volats, his inspiring air show with a giant flying doll-balls; French theatre Les Grandes Personnes and their awesome street miniatures; Personages of Cardboardia with large-scale outdoor performance, in which everyone can participate.

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