Best spring carnivals of the world

The world’s best carnivals, which is a great way to have fun before lent by readers of the Guardian.

1. In the first place: Mas Dominik, Roseau, Dominica. This traditional carnival takes place on the eve of Great lent and is characterized by a friendly and non-commercial atmosphere. The holiday is a blend of African masquerade and traditional French carnival. On the first day of the carnival people dress up in costumes or just in pajamas and go outside while banging pots and pans. The atmosphere is so fun and addictive that simple viewer to be no one.

The festival takes place 1-8 March

2. France

Nice carnival takes place in the middle of February, but at this time there you can ride along the waterfront on an open-top car and enjoy the many yachts. The main events of the festival are held in Place Masséna.

The festival usually takes place from 18 February to 8 March

3. Spain

Carnival in Cadiz (South of Spain, Andalusia) is the oldest carnival in the world. The holiday dates back to local customs: carnival arranged, when the long voyage returned sailors with gifts and new clothes, which was dressed and walking around the city. Still during carnival wearing a fun, whimsical costumes singing and marching on the city.

The festival takes place March 3-13

The carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands

The main events will be held on Friday, March 4 with the Queen of the carnival, a group of dancers in the style of dancing Samba in Rio de Janeiro and clowns. And then Tuesday will be the never-ending party.

The festival runs from 4 to 13 March,


Carnival Fasnacht in Basel

The Fasnacht carnival in Basel runs for three days, in a street procession coming musicians and people dressed up in fabulous costumes. During the March flies everywhere confetti that after the holiday quickly removed. The procession begins at 4 am in the market square.

The festival takes place from 14 to 16 March,

5. Germany

Carnival Seaḿzwald (Schwarzwald –”dark forest) covers a lot of little towns and villages Tuesday-Shrove Tuesday until Friday. Adults and children in costumes go from house to house to collect food, while wearing wooden masks.

The festival takes place March 3-8

6. Trinidad and Tobago

Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is the “grandfather” of carnivals in the Caribbean. The procession is attended by thousands of people in costumes, going to music. There are going to people of different nationalities and professions, fun and affordable atmosphere.

The festival takes place March 7-8

7. Colombia

Carnival in Baranquilla

Baranquilla it is the birthplace of the famous singer Shakira. So if you love music, bright colors, flowers, dancing, colorful masks, folk dances and many interesting activities come in Branquilla. At the festival guests will have the opportunity not only to pochuvstovat in the procession, but also to learn local picturesque and amazing customs and traditions.

The festival takes place March 5-8

8. Bolivia

The carnival in Oruro is hundreds of dancers and musicians in unusual costumes, marching through the old part of the city situated at an altitude of 3,700 meters above sea level on a plateau in the Andes. During the festival you can also fly in a balloon. Just keep in mind that you’ll need acclimatization, at this altitude it’s difficult to walk long and have fun.

Holiday prohodit-March 6

9. Uruguay

The carnival in Montevideo is the longest and best in the world. Why? The longest, because it lasts 40 days. Best, because of its colors, music, traditions and passions. The carnival takes place in the capital and involves all the inhabitants of the country. From January to March and live a life of carnival, and the rest of the year preparing for the next.

10. Argentina

Carnival in Gualeguaychu this competition, which takes place on Saturdays in January and February and finishes in March. At the carnival people come from all over Argentina and a lot of tourists. Processions can last all night.

The festival takes place in January, February and ends on 5 March

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