All about the feast days, holidays today

They are religious and revolutionary; marked around the world, or in the family circle; they are honored emblem, flag, city, person, or some cute animal; some came to us from the depths of centuries, others are literally “born yesterday”; to mention some of them – a ritual, while others simply smile. Holiday is not always “a day of joy, celebration, games and entertainment are the” holidays “with tears in his eyes”, some devoted to the triumph of the spirit over the flesh, there are those about that so I can’t tell you the holiday you see, or mourning. Try to just memorize all of them is a thankless task; but now – not enough time, not even good health. However, to dwell on “generally accepted standards” is not necessary – suddenly the culture with the day harvest of the tribe “Mamba-absolutley the best” or the tradition of honoring the winner of the Texas Rodeo so you will like what will be neotemlimoy part of life?

Official holidays – the Grand celebrations that are celebrated throughout the country and are classified as Federal. In those days public and most private institutions do not work. Marked with the size and mass celebrations. Also in such events as concerts, performances, fireworks. The solemn procession starts in the morning and the celebration lasts late into the night. The celebration of trying to move on a weekend, in order to prolong the pleasure and to give an opportunity to enjoy the celebration.

Unofficial holidays are holidays special occasions, a particular religious, ethnic or social group of the population. They can be as international level, for example Valentine’s Day (February 14), and only in a certain country – Groundhog Day in the USA (2 February). Such holidays is more of a tradition, a tribute in honor of a particular event. In those days, organize festivals, competitions and even parades.

International holidays are Grand, the most widespread and sweeping celebration uniting all countries and continents. Such celebrations can last not just one day, but for weeks. No matter close or far You are, what language you speak, these events are meant to unite all mankind. New Year, March 8 and many others cause only positive ’emotions and millions of smiles around the world. Celebrated so vividly that even visible from space, the scale of the event and the fireworks.

Professional holidays is a festive day in honour of any particular profession. These holidays are not official public holidays. But it’s a good excuse to get together the representatives of the profession. In those days, professionals particularly friendly. Some holidays have international status and are marked by several countries. Others are marked in a particular area of the country. A wonderful tradition for a fun corporate event.

Religious festivals are the festivals in honor of the memory of Saint or religious event, due to belief in the supernatural, a special awareness of the world. Each faith has its own doctrine, the concept on religious holidays. Each unique faith and is celebrated with special honor and respect to events that have influenced the worldview of the culture of other areas of religious worship. Religious holidays, it is a spiritual belief based on faith in a higher power (gods, spirits), they are worshipped.

The city day is an annual,festive,large-scale, spectacular event. Is celebrated to commemorate the founding of the town, or in obtaining city status. In some cities, is a day of liberation from Nazi invaders.In a festive day hosts numerous ceremonial events – parades, fairs, concerts. Especially bright anniversaries are celebrated cities. The festivities usually end with a Grand fireworks display and fireworks.

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