A Celebration in the Museum

Today, 18 may, international Museum day, I visited our regional Museum, recently moved from Dekabristov street from Church street Embankment, 29 in old naval barracks.

Think Napoleon said, “one move is equal to two fires”.

It is not about us.

On the Decembrists was a very small room, and now, after a good repair, everything from the facade and the adjacent territory to the exhibition halls are spacious, large and modern.

Many of the exhibits, lying for years in the funds, today found their place in modern showcases spacious exhibition halls.

Well done, saved, waited in the wings.

The people in the new Museum goes on and on groups and individually, a lot of groups coming from other cities.

Often our superiors and higher, investors, and guests.

Today is the calling card of our city, and the expression “old naval barracks” not on the lips of pages and Newspapers, frequent guests here are our channels.

In addition to traditional exhibitions here work a lot with the younger generation.

The Department of Ethnography has organized workshops for children.

Today showed how you can make various straw figures.

The surprise is that the kids who are still in school, a masters Maria Kaminska, Mary Kramarenko and Svetlana Romanenko make very cute and quite decent quality crafts made of straw, fabric and thread.

And today I was surprised by the exhibition of different crafts children gathered for several days in the Museum from all over the area.

Here products from the most unusual materials: plasticine, salt dough, seeds of plants, cereals, paper, straw, wood, thread, fabric, clay, beads, eggshell.

Exhibits very much. Participants must be aged between 7 to 16 years.

Hall not accommodate all the work, but even what is presented, is so personable, amazingly beautiful, unusual and performed at a high artistic level.

It is a pity that this exhibition will close in two days and the exhibits will go to the district home of creativity, many visitors will not have time to look at this beauty of children’s creativity.

Bravo creative younger generation!

In the Museum I am often, but always more on business, and today happened to see all the rooms. For several years associated with joint projects to perpetuate the memory of historical events.

Here I find the understanding, receive the necessary information, help, real support and participation.

It was nice today to meet our colleagues and friends Svetlana Vasilievna Romanenko, Maria Ivanovna Kaminskaya, Tatiana Nikolaevna Gubsky, Natalia Alexandrovna Kuhar-Onyshko, Natalia Mikhailovna Hark Wushu. Elena V. Ponomareva, Inna V. Gavrilov, Anna Konstantinovna Vedeneyev, Yuri V. Kotko, Arthur O. Moustached, Anna Dmitriyevna Sakizli, Vladimir Anatolievich Mikhailov, Irina Piskareva, Liliya Vladimirovna, Irina Ivanovna Aleksandrenko.

We share something, go on expeditions, learn the history of our region, enjoy the results, plan future work.

May 21, scheduled to open memorial sign to the Ukrainian Cossacks and the famous ataman Ivan Sirko in the village Andreevka of the Nikolaev area.

Historians have unearthed that there in the 17th century was St. Andrew Sich, this time to our traditional participants will join the Cossacks from Nikolaev, which will arrive in Cossack uniform and even bring gun, which will produce fireworks.

The chefs promise to treat all present traditional Cossack Kuleshov. The Museum will award the diploma of the school of the village of Yasnaya Polyana for local history work in the study of the history of his native land.

Authors of books on the history of nikolayevshchina Nataliya Kukhar-Onyshko and Oktyabrina Kovalev will give the school library of their works.

Students will show numbers of Amateur.

The local priest, father Roman will consecrate a memorial sign, pray together about the world.

Thank You, our dear, Museum workers for Your work.

Let the Museum is always a lot of visitors, let You add salary, though always Shine Your eyes! Bow! Congratulations!

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